It is not easy to convert men’s pant size to women’s size. For example, what is a mens 30 in women’s size? This article will let you know about it and other related adult pant sizes.

It is nearly impossible to find an ideal pants size for both women and men. What’s more, reading the label is even much more difficult. At times, the sizes appear to be waist measurements. But other times, the sizes range from XS to XXL or from 00 to 24. Even so, your pants size will not be the same across brands.

Another hard thing is when converting from men’s pant sizes to women. ‘s size. You might wonder, “what is a mens 30 in women’s size?” This is the reason why a lot of people have asked me to create a conversion chart for adults’ pants sizes. You will then be able to tell which pants size perfectly fits your waist and hip that way.

While creating the size chart, I discovered some unexpected findings:

  • It is difficult to convert your waist size to women’s pant sizes since women’s waistbands don’t always alter with the same portion between sizes.
  • As the waistbands of pants in a similar size from various brands can differ by 3 to 4 inches, the following conversion chart is only the best estimate.
  • Because there are a lot of different body shapes among adults, the real waist size on a pair of pants differs widely. As a result, standardizing adults’ pant sizes is unattainable.

Adults’ Pants Sizes

Please keep in mind that there are three distinct pant size systems. So, take a moment to select the appropriate option:

  • The most popular: Jeans – W/L Sizes: This sizing system employs two numbers differentiated by an x or a forward slash, such as 3432 or 28/30. Pants, jeans, and dress pants all use this sizing scheme. It is also used for both men and women.
  • US Regular Pants Sizes: This sizing system has sizes ranging from X-Small to XXX-Large. In addition, the sizing scheme is typically applied to lounge pants, jogger pants, and, on occasion, workwear pants. Of course, it is applied to both men’s and women’s pants.
  • EU Pants Sizes: These are used in Europe, primarily in Germany, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. For women’s pants, the typical number is 40, and for men, the number is 50.

Men’s Pants Sizes (Waist)

How do you determine your waist size? To discover your good fit, measure around your natural tummy in centimeters or inches and refer to the table below.

Men’s Pant SizeWaist in CentimetersWaist in Inches
XS71 – 7628 – 30
S76 – 8130 – 32
M81 – 8632 – 34
L86 – 9134 – 36
XL91 – 9636 – 38
XXL101 – 11140 – 44
3XL117 – 12746 – 50
4XL132 – 13752 – 54
5XL142 – 15256 – 60
6XL157 – 16262 – 64

Men’s Pants Sizes (Length)

The inseam length (inside leg or inner leg) is used to measure the leg.

Men’s Pants Size LengthLength in CentimetersLength in Inches
Extra Short6927
Short 7429
Regular 7931
Long 8433
Extra Long8935

Women’s Pants Size Charts

Waist in InchesHips in InchesUS Women’s Pant SizeEU SizeWaist in CentimetersHips in Centimeters
24 – 2533 – 34XXS3261 – 6384 – 87
25 – 2635 – 36XS3464 – 6688 – 91
27 – 2837 – 38S3667 – 7092 – 95
28 – 2938 – 39S3871 – 7496 – 98
29 – 3039 – 40M4075 – 7899 – 101
31 – 3240 – 41M4279 – 82102 – 104
33 – 3441 – 42L4483 – 87105 – 108
35 – 3743 – 44L4688 – 93109 – 112
38 – 3944 – 45XL4894 – 99113 – 116
40 – 4146 – 48XL50100 – 106117 – 121
42 – 4348 – 50XXL52107 – 112122 – 126
44 – 4650 – 52XXL54113 – 119127 – 132
47 – 4953 – 543XL56120 – 126133 – 138
50 – 5255 – 573XL58127 – 133139 – 144
53 – 5557 – 594XL60134 – 140145 – 150
56 – 5860 – 614XL62141 – 147151 – 156

There is no standard method for labeling women’s pants sizes. But basically, there are three major sizing systems in the United States:

  • US Waist Sizes: Women’s waist measurements in the United States resemble men’s waist measurements. In particular, the size is a higher number, such as 28, 29, or 30. The waist size in the United States increases by one size between different sizes.
  • Misses Size: This size type is typically available in sizes 000 to 24. Misses size numbers typically increase by two between sizes, with the exception of women’s US sizes.
  • General/Standard Size: Pants sizes are sometimes labeled as small, medium, or large, similar to how shirts are labeled.

You can take a glance at the label on the back of the waist to determine the size of the pants you’re wearing. Some trousers, such as Levi’s 720 or Levi’s 711, are available in both Misses size and US waist size.

The intention of a pants size is to indicate the width of the waist on the pants. Generally speaking, the waistband size grows in proportion to the size. Therefore, each size is designed to fit somebody with a specific natural waist circumference. Usually, women’s pants sizes are complex since there is no easy way to tell what form of waist the trousers should fit best from the labeled size.

Men’s waist sizes for trousers, on the other hand, are more simple and clear. The waist circumference on men’s trousers is usually the first number on the size label, such as 36 in 36×32. Apart from women’s pants, men’s waist sizes specify which natural waist circumference (usually in inches) the trousers are intended for. Men’s pants with a waist measurement of 36, for instance, are meant to fit somebody with a 36″ natural waist.

On average, the tagged size can tell you what waist size a pair of women’s trousers will fit perfectly. That’s why I have included a size conversion chart above. However, since women’s pants usually have size breaks, the conversion chart is not quite as simple as you might think.

Women’s Pant Length Size Conversion

US Women’s Pant Length Size NameUS Women’s Pant Length SizeLength Measurement (Inseam)
Short S28’’
Regular R30’’
Tall/Long T/L32’’

Letters or names are often used to identify women’s pant length sizes. On the other hand, men’s pant lengths are labeled by the inseam size. The inseam length of the trousers is measured from the crotch to the leg opening. Pants that do not have a tag are generally “Regular” length. Basically, pants in normal length are usually 30″ long.

Length sizes, like females’ waist sizes, differ from company to company and style to style. For example, bootcut trousers are usually a few inches longer than their labeled length, whereas crop or ankle trousers are generally a few inches shorter.

What Is A Mens 30 In Women’s Size?

Women who are unable to find the best fitting pants in the female department may find a little assistance in the men’s department. If you are taller than the average female, have a body ratio that appears to be somewhat distinctive in waist-to-hip ratio than most women’s pants, or simply prefer more classic looks, the men’s fashion department has become a go-to for ladies as well.

But, before you go to the men’s department, you will have to recognize your inseam and waist measurements. This is because men’s trousers are marked with the inseam and waist size, whereas women’s trousers sizes are generally noted by numbers, such as 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on.

Generally speaking, if you only realize the numerical dimensions of your women’s pants, simply add 21 to that size to get the nearest waist circumference in men’s pants. For instance, a size 8 in women’s pants corresponds to a size 29 in men’s pants. So, size 30 in men’s jeans will be equivalent to size 9 in ladies’ pants. However, this rule may differ from one brand to the next. 

Womens Pants To Men’s Pants Size Conversion Chart

To convert women’s trousers sizes to men’s, easily add 21 to your ladies’ size to get the nearest men’s size to correspond, even though you must still think about the inseam length because women’s pants tend to have a narrower waist and broader hips than men’s. Once more, these are only estimates and may differ depending on different jeans brands.

US SizeMisses SizeWaist Measurement (inches)Men’s Size
311231.531 – 32
331634.534 – 35
341836.536 – 37
352038.538 – 39
362240.540 – 41
372442.542 – 43

Adults’ Pants Sizes Are Not Standardized

There is no such thing as a size 10. This is due to the fact that most jeans are worn below your natural waistline. Since your body expands below the natural waist, the waistband must be larger to fit around your tummy. However, because everyone’s body shape is distinctive, it is indeed hard to predict exactly how much broader the waistband should be.

Each brand caters to a specific variety of average buyers. As a result, a size 10 from one brand may fit like a size 12 from another.

Within a size, the waistband circumference on women’s jeans differs more than it does on men’s. Almost all of you know this as we took measurements of them. The waistband sizes on men’s and women’s trousers for a size 30 are shown in the chart above.

On a size 30, most men’s trousers are 31 inches or 32 inches around the waistband. The waistband size for women ranges from 30 inches to 33 inches.

As ladies have more body sizes than men, female’s trousers sizes are less standard than men’s. In general, males’ bodies change more predictably from waist to hip. However, ladies have a broader spectrum of hip-to-waist proportions, making it more difficult to anticipate.