What color does pink and orange make? Well, it will create a gorgeous pink. But there is a lot more to discover about this color mixing. All will be revealed in this post.

Pink and orange are both relaxing colors for the eyes. And guess what else? The combination of pink and orange creates a new level of fashion and beauty.

With that said, what color does pink and orange produce? Peach is the correct answer in this case.  Keeping all of your questions, such as:

What is the color mixing theory, and how does it work?

Why do pink and orange combine to form orange?

How to create different shades of pink and orange

How to turn pink into orange?…

And continue reading to find out the answers with adequate explanations.

Fundamentals of Color Mixing Theory

Before combining orange and pink together, let’s consider a more basic question: what are the colors pink and orange? What is the connection between these two colors?

In terms of the relationship between each color, Isaac Newton devised a color wheel anybody can use to determine which colors go well together. According to the color wheel’s arrangement, there are three major categories as follows:

  • Primary colors: red, yellow, and blue
  • Secondary colors: orange, green, and purple.
  • Tertiary colors: red-orange, blue-purple, blue-green, red-purple, and yellow-green.

As you might know, all other colors are derived from primary colors. Secondary colors can be made by mixing two primary colors. A neutral color, such as gray or white, can be created by combining three primary colors.

Isn’t it exciting? But wait, there’s a lot more!

When you combine yellow and red, you will get orange. Purple is created by combining the two primary colors, blue and red. What about the color green? Green is created by combining yellow and blue.

When you combine a primary color with a secondary color, you will get a tertiary color. This is how you quickly create blue-green, red-orange, and other colors.

You may have heard the phrase ‘complementary color.’ Colors that completely reverse each other on the color wheel are referred to as complementary colors. Blue, for example, is a complementary color to orange.

You might be thinking, “Well, now I have orange as a secondary color, but what about pink?” In fact, pink can be quickly made by mixing white and red. Magenta and red are deeper shades of pink.

This raises the question, “Where is magenta color from?” To understand this, you must first understand subtractive colors. Generally speaking, subtractive colors are cyan, yellow, and magenta.

If you don’t understand the fundamentals of color mixing, the following section will seem a little hazy. Even so, you can now proceed to the next step.

So, What Colour Does Pink and Orange Make?

So, how about combining orange and pink? Well, you’ll get a peach hue. Yes, this is the hue of the peach fruit’s outer pulp. People frequently inquire whether a peach is a color of pink or orange.

Most of the time, peaches are typically a warm pink-orange color. However, the peach tones, according to Pantone, on the other hand, are predominantly pink.

To return to the original question, how do pink and orange combine to form peach?

You’re probably aware that orange is a secondary color made by mixing yellow and red. Pink, on the flip side, is a light red shade. As a result, combining white and red results in pink. As a matter of fact, both pink and orange share a common color, which is red.

For that reason, a new reddish color, peach, will naturally be formed.

Pink and Orange Palette

If you’re wondering how to get a bright peach color, look no further.

Combine the colors yellow, white, and red. Remember that a little yellow can go a long way. So, gradually add yellow until you have a bright and fresh peach color as desired.

Other Eye-Catching Shades of Pink and Orange Colors

Peach is a stunning color that conveys ritual purity, innocence, and sincerity. However, there are other gorgeous shades of pink and orange that will take your breath away. Want to go exploring?

Here’s a color chart of various orange shades.

Color 1Color 2Additional Color/sResulting color 
½ yellowRed and blueBlackBronze
½ red½ yellowTrue orange
½ yellow½ redBlueRust
½ yellow½ redBlueHoney
½ yellow½ redBlueApricot
RedYellowA touch of black and blueFirebrick

So, that’s how you make some amazing and valuable orange tints. When mixing the colors, be very careful because the ratios must be exact. And, when adding an intensifier, such as blue or black color, try to add it slowly because it can drastically alter the result.

It is also worth noting that when mixing or muting any color, you should keep the temperature in mind. Because warm red and warm yellow both move toward orange, combine these warm colors to create a warm orange tone.

Overall, experimenting with various shades of orange will be enjoyable.

Now, let’s see how you can produce multiple shades of pink.

Color 1Color 2Resulting color
Scarlet redWhiteVibrant pink
Naphthol redWhiteUltra-bright, neon pink
Rose-redWhiteLight, soft pink
Quinacridone redWhiteBright pink
Ruby redWhiteJewel-like, shimmering pink
Cadmium redWhitePink plus hints of blue and purple
Brick redWhiteNatural-looking pink

The color of your pink is heavily influenced by the color of red you use. When blending red and white, remember to avoid some popular blunders. For instance, don’t just add white to red and presume it to turn pink.

Rather, gradually add red to the white color. This eliminates the possibility of receiving an unpredicted dark pink color.

Color 2 is, as you can see, a recurring theme here. As a result, you must always combine white with a shade of red. Don’t worry; now that you know which red will turn into which pink hue, you can create preferred shades.

Is it possible to make orange from pink?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn pink into orange? In fact, it is quite simple to do so.

First, take some red paint. Then, add pink to the red and gently combine to achieve a red-pink color. Then, gradually add yellow to the red-pink color. That is how you will obtain orange. You can repeat the process if you want to strengthen the orange.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you like the outcome of combining orange and pink. Personally, I adore this gentle and peaceful color, and you can see how simple it is to create a peach color!

The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get every shade as there are different ways to combine any shade you want. Because you can create both pink and orange using primary colors, you can create a plethora of shades using only primary colors, which is fantastic.