This article reveals Vivian Howard weight loss and healthy eating tips even when you are a busy mom and don’t seem to have time for a satisfying meal.

Vivian Howard is very busy, in specific instances you haven’t noticed. If you follow her, then you might know that season 5 of her James Beard and Emmy Award-winning PBS series “A Chef’s Life” successfully completed. After a few days of shooting and cooking in Charleston, S.C., Vivian Howard was squeezed into a 40th birthday party in March. She then dashed back to Kinston to throw a retirement event for a friend at her farm-to-table restaurant, Chef & the Farmer. Then she was off and went to Hawaii for a week of looks and book signings before returning to see her twins perform in a school.

With the publication of her first cookbook and an associated book tour, Vivian Howard spent the last third of 2016 on the road. She realized the importance of self-care throughout that time besides making healthy options.

Here are some of Vivian Howard weight loss and healthy eating tips.

Drink More Water

Every day, Vivian Howard begins her day by drinking three glasses of cold water as soon as she wakes up. She says whether she is in a guestroom or anywhere, drinking water is always the only thing that she does every day.

Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

Vivian is always looking for new ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies into her – and her family’s – diet. For example, she will combine pureed spinach and carrots with her turkey spaghetti sauce, which she’ll serve over roasted broccoli rather than pasta. Likewise, she tops her taco meat with shredded carrots and her casserole with roughly sliced cooked broccoli.

She makes smoothies for the twins and Ben almost every morning. What’s more, Vivian makes her smoothies with Greek yogurt, spinach, Omega 3 oil, frozen berries, and either kombucha or probiotic juice. Then, she scrambles it in the food processor with ice before sending the twins and Ben out the door with a refreshing and healthy drink.

Prepare Nutritious Ingredients Beforehand

When your fridge is stocked with ready-to-eat ingredients, it really is easier to make healthy decisions. Vivian Howard will cook lean proteins, such as salmon filets, for the main course one night and then take advantage of the leftover fish to top leafy greens the next.

She roasts asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and other seasonally available vegetables. Those roasted veggies are served as a side dish one evening, as a snack with chickpeas or other dips the very next day, or as a new dish the following day.

For instance, this past Sunday, Vivian explained that I cooked broccoli and cauliflower and served it with our evening meal. She used the leftover roasted veggies to make a coconut curry sauce to eat with brown rice on Monday.

Soup Is A Always a Go-to Meal

On weekends, Vivian Howard will make a large pot of soup loaded with protein and leafy greens, such as ground turkey, leftover roast chicken, or both. It’s her take on a soup her mom used to make with ground beef and all the veggies canned from the summer garden, such as string beans, okra, and corn. Vivian also adds pureed beans to the pot of soup to make it additional creamy and rich, as well as another source of low-fat protein.

Leaner Meats Can Be Substituted

Vivian Howard discovered in the last couple of years that she appears to enjoy ground turkey just as much as ground beef. “I keep my beef for steaks.” “Ground turkey has now become my preferred ground meat,” she says. As you might know, ground turkey contains the same amount of protein as ground pork and ground beef but includes fewer fat and calories. Additionally, turkey is high in selenium, potassium, and a variety of B vitamins, most noticeably niacin.

Vivian makes sweet potato, turkey burgers, the veggie-packed spaghetti sauce, and ground turkey shepherd’s pie, preferably Farm to Family by Butterball, which is brought up without hormones and antibiotics. Ground turkey tacos are another popular meal in the Howard family. Vivian Howard also sneaks those roughly chopped carrots into the taco meat, and the best part is that parents and kids can dress the tacos however they want.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe of Vivian Howard as a Busy Mom

Vivian Howard makes this as it is fast and simple to make when you’ve got little kids at your feet and a busy day that won’t just negotiate.

Two eggs

Black pepper

Maldon sea salt 

Broccoli sprouts, as many as possible

1 tsp lemon juice

Hot sauce (optional)

In a 2-quart frying pan, combine the eggs. Cover them with 1 inch of cool water. Bring the eggs to a boil and continue to cook for around 1 minute. Turn off the heat, cover, and set aside for 10 minutes. Drain the eggs and run them under cold water until they are cool enough to manage.

Vivian Howard prefers boiled eggs because they are warmer and more satisfying. Now peel the boiled eggs. Slice them into quarters and season both the eggs and plate with far more pepper and salt than seems sensible. If you use hot sauce, add it now. Serve immediately with the lemon-juice-dressed sprouts.