Advocate for Youth is a project that provides resources and support to transgender, transsexual, and genderqueer youth

The site includes features such as an examination of the assumptions we make about sex and gender, as well as stories from other young people about their experiences being transgender

There is also information available about being trans, including articles about therapy, health, and trans youth and transitioning. These resources are for young people and their parents, educators and other professionals who work with this population.

These resources are for young people and their parents, educators and other professionals who work with this population. They include information on trans youth themselves, health care providers, therapists, medical specialists in transition-related care, legal experts on name changes or changing identification documents to reflect a new gender designation.


Gender Education and Advocacy is a project of advocates for youth. They believe in the power of youth to change the world, and their mission is to empower young people with education and resources so they can realize their full potential as leaders in all aspects of society.

Gender Education and Advocacy

The organization provides workshops on topics like LGBTQIA+ identities, intersectionality, sexual health, consent and more – all through a lens that centers the voices of teens. This year we’re focusing on how young people can advocate for themselves! When you sign up for our free workshop series, you’ll learn about different types of advocacy (e.g., voting), reflect on your strengths & interests (e.g., activism) and get tips from others who’ve been there before (e.g., through a youth panel).

National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality is dedicated to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people. We are committed to advancing equality by educating the public about the challenges, obstacles, and achievements of transgender people; mobilizing advocates for trans justice in Congress, legislatures, communities, and workplaces; collaborating with coalition partners on state-based advocacy efforts; supporting litigation that will advance legal protections for trans people; advocating at international institutions like the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and World Health Organization to protect access to healthcare services from which transgender people too often remain excluded. In short: we’re here to make life better for all transgender people – today and always.


The IFGE is a project of advocates for youth. The goal of the program is to provide resources, information and advocacy for LGBT youth in order to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Southern Comfort

Want to know more about Southern Comfort? You’ve come to the right place.

This is a project of advocates for youth, and they want you to be informed about all things related to your development as an adolescent in today’s society. They aim to provide information on topics that are relevant and important, such as relationships with parents or peers, school pressure or bullying, social media use or abuse, mental health issues like depression and anxiety. And they do it all in an interactive way so that there is something for everyone here. This includes articles on how-to tips for handling certain situations (like managing your time) as well as quizzes (such as what type of friend are you?) which will help you understand yourself a little better.

For Transguys

Transguys are males who live lives as females. They may take hormones, dress in female clothing and change their name to a feminine one. Some Transguys choose to have surgery and others do not. Transguys identify themselves in different ways: transgender, transsexual or genderqueer. The term “Transguy” is often used by someone who was assigned male at birth but identifies as female after puberty when they still have male genitalia.

FTM International

FTM International is an organization for transguys. It was founded in 2006 by a group of likeminded individuals who wanted to help other Transguys and their families with information, resources and support that they may not have been able to find elsewhere.

FTM International’s mission statement: FTM International (FTMI) exists to be a beacon of hope and the voice for the voiceless; we seek to empower all people on their journey toward understanding themselves as whole beings within our diverse communities while striving towards living healthy lives with dignity. We will achieve this through education, empowerment, advocacy and global community building.

True Spirit Conference

The True Spirit Conference is an annual conference for LGBTQ youth and allies that has been hosted in different cities across Canada since 2009. The conference provides a space where participants can be themselves, share their stories, talk about issues they are facing, learn from others and have fun!

The event is staffed by volunteers who believe that everyone deserves to love themselves just the way they are. It also offers workshops on everything from self-esteem to safe sex practices to how to start your own Gay Straight Alliance group at school.

This year’s True Spirit Conference will be held in Toronto on October 6th-8th 2016. Attendees need only register online or drop by the registration desk when they arrive at one of our fantastic venues.

For Transwomen

Transwomen are women. Period. Transwomen are women, and their womanhood is valid and real; it’s not a costume or an imitation. Women come to understand our womanhood in different ways, but we all share one thing in common: We know when someone says that we aren’t really women because of how we identify or what kinds of clothes we wear that they don’t get to define our gender identity for us.” – Laverne Cox

Transsexual Road Map

Transsexual Road Map is a project of advocates for youth. They are passionate about helping transgender and gender-variant people navigate their lives with more authenticity, self-respect, and safety.”