A lot of people wonder, “how much do construction workers make?” This article will reveal the salary of a construction worker based on different elements.

How much do construction workers make? Of course, the answer is determined by different factors, such as education, experience, and geographical location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary of a construction worker is approx. $37,080 per year, with an hourly rate of $17.83. These figures, nevertheless, are likely to change in the coming years.

Factors Influencing Construction Workers’ Wage Rate Variation Across States

The BLS anticipates that the construction worker job industry will continue significantly faster than the national average from 2016 to 2026. This development is a result of efforts to address the industry’s qualified workers’ deficiency.

According to a study taken by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 66 percent of construction companies have raised workers’ base rates of pay. Another 29% have started offering benefits and incentives to entice new employees. The greater the requirement for qualified workers, the more income construction workers can expect to earn.

Education, expertise, and area of interest are also things that affect construction worker wages in the United States. Continue reading for more information.


Although not all roles necessitate a college education, some official education can help endorse demands for a higher construction worker wage. The hands-on experience provided by education systems such as New England Tech equips qualified graduates with skills that would otherwise take years to build on the job. That skill is frequently compensated with a higher salary.

Experience Level

Pay rates can also be influenced by a laborer’s amount of expertise. For example, a starting-level construction worker manages to earn slightly more than $21,000 per year, according to a Career Explorer document. On the other hand, a mid-level construction worker earns a little more, on median approximately $32,000 per year. And lastly, a top-level construction worker can earn more than $47,000 annually.

Area of Interest

Construction is a broad category of labor. However, the majority of the work entails performing physically challenging tasks on a worksite, and there are a few specialties that pay more generously. Construction managers, boilermakers, and elevator installers, for example, are among the highest paid jobs in the industry.


In the construction industry, urban areas generally pay more than rural areas. This is primarily because big cities can offer a far higher volume of work. In addition, the standard of rent is also higher in cities, so employees can require a higher wage.

Best Paying States for Construction Workers

Highly skilled workers can find work anywhere else in the United States, but pay varies by state. Different areas will also provide different job opportunities, based on the average number of construction projects in the region.

According to BLS data, the top-paying states, together with their average salaries yearly, are:

Hawaii: $70,750 per year

Illinois: $68,940 per year

Alaska: $66,430 per year

New York: $66,390 per year

Massachusetts: $65,520 per year

The institution has also identified the states with the lowest wages:

North Carolina: $42,460 per year

Florida: $41,930 per year

South Dakota: $41,030 per year

Mississippi: $40,870 per year

Arkansas: $39,630 per year

How Much Does A Construction Worker Get Paid Based On Their Experience?

Your expertise, in addition to your place, plays a key role in deciding how much you can earn.

As a construction worker gains experience, he or she can expect to earn more money based on their skills. The following is a breakdown of the various pay rate brackets for construction workers based on their expertise as follow (source: CareerExplorer):

  • Senior-level construction worker wages begin at $20.44 per hour, with an annual salary of $42,522.
  • Mid-level construction worker wages begin at $16.37/hour, with an annual salary of $34,041.
  • Junior-level construction worker wages begin at $13.10 per hour, with an annual salary of $27,252.
  • Starting wages for entry-level construction workers start at $10.72 per hour, with a yearly salary of $22,307.

In comparison to Other Occupations

Construction workers earn roughly the same as their counterparts in related disciplines in the United States. However, they earn more than furniture finishers but might earn less than roofers. Here are the annual salaries of several related professions in the construction industry.

Roofer $40K

Carpenter $40K

Construction painter $38K

Maintenance worker $38K

Cabinetmaker $33K

Forklift operator $33K

Stone cutter $33K

Furniture finisher $32K

Woodworker $28K

Final Thoughts

Now you know how much do construction workers make. The average annual salary of a construction worker is anywhere around $37,080. Education, expertise, location, etc., are among the most important elements affecting this wage.