Do Hoka shoes run big or small? Do they fit true to size? Or are these shoes really comfortable? Let’s find out answers to all of these questions in this article.

Today, I’ll answer some questions relating to Hoka sizing, such as: do Hoka shoes run big or small? Do Hoka One One shoes come in wide sizes? Is Hokas true to size? Which size Hoka should I get?

No one can claim that all Hoka One One shoes are large, small, or true to size. In reality, a few Hoka shoes run narrow, while others run large, while still others really run true to size, and still, others run a bit tight.

So, let’s get right to it.

Do Hoka Shoes Run Big Or Small: True To Size?

Generally speaking, most Hoka shoes run true to size. However, there are always several exceptions in most situations. Here is the shoe sizing of the two most common Hoka shoes available on the market right now. 

Hoka Clifton 7 Sizing

Do the Hoka Clifton 7 shoes fit true to size?

The answer is yes. The Hoka Clifton shoes fit perfectly and are true to size. In addition, it doesn’t feel too tight in the midfoot or toe box area.

The Clifton 7 is an easy-going shoe for when you just want to relax, take it easy on your foot, and enjoy a great smooth ride. It has the potential to go fast, but it isn’t the most adaptable shoe on the market.

If you want a smooth landing, this is the place to be. I would say that it is the sneaker for you if you just want to take it easy every so often and make your legs so comfortable all day.


Hoka pretty much covered the upper, which provides a lot of great airflows, typically during hot weather. The heel collar is generally plush all the way through. Even though the upper isn’t the most padded, it is adequate for the weight category.

The heel flare is simply stable, and the heel pocket is extremely secure, with no movement in the heel.

What’s more, the tongue is semi-gusseted, which tends to maintain the tongue slightly tied on top of your foot.


If you enjoyed the feel and movement of the Hoka Clifton 6 model, you would probably enjoy the Clifton 7 model. The midsole is really delicate, and it becomes super-soft in the hot months. However, I believe that as the temperature increases, the midsole definitely softens.

As a result, the Hoka Clifton 7 provides a smooth feeling through the midsole.


Men’s size 9 (255 g or 9.1 oz)

Women’s size 8 (198 g or 7.9 oz)

In fact, the Hoka Clifton 7 shoes are 0.3 oz more lightweight than the Hoka Clifton 6 model.



Stack height

32mm in the forefoot and 37mm in the heel area.


Decreased weight

Smooth and comfortable ride


The fastening system through the eyelet chain seems to be slightly sloppy. Hoka should have had a somewhat more layout in that eyelet chain.

Hoka Bondi 7 Sizing

Is the Hoka Bondi 7 a true to size shoe?

The brief answer is yes. As far as the sneaker’s length is concerned, you can just go true to size. The Hoka Bondi 7 is a max padding shoe that is available in wide and extra-wide sizes if you have very wide feet.

This is the sneaker for you if you really want to keep your legs comfy from the hammering on the asphalt and concrete and have no floor contact feeling.

As a result, the Bondi 7 will be ideal for:

Normal days.

Middle to long distance walk.

Long-distance runs.

It is absolutely not a pace of the game day sneaker as it is too heavy for that as well.


There is a new open-designed mesh. The Hoka Bondi 7 is extremely breathable and absorbent, so if you are running in colder weather, you should wear relatively thick socks.

There is also a sturdy heel counter with a pull tab, which is incredibly beneficial in the cold season when your toes are frozen, and you are attempting to get the sneaker on or off.

While the tongue is not actually gusseted, there is a firm grip too.


The Hoka Bondi features CMEVA (compression-molded EVA), which has an extremely excellent energy return.


Men’s size 9 (311 g or 11.1 oz)

Women’s size 8 (283 g or 10 oz)

Despite the fact that it is a heavy shoe, you’ll notice some energy return through its midsole.



Stack height:

36mm in the forefoot and 40mm in the heel


The eyelet chain provides a strong closure.


Hoka might have added a gusseted tongue to support the tongue rest better on top of the foot.

It is quite heavy.

Hoka Shoe Size Chart

Hoka Shoe Size Chart for Men

CM (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

Hoka Shoe Sizing Chart Vs. Other Common Brands

Foot length (mm)HokaBrooksAsicsNikeAdidas
Men’s US sizes
Women’s US sizes

Hoka Women’s Running Shoe Size

CM (CN, JP, Mondo)InchesUSUKEU

Do Hokas Come In Wide Width?

Hoka One One shoes, which were initially created for super-distance runners, inspire a constant, effective, and percussive foot strike. In addition, the midsole’s distinctive thick, broad, and molded design offers superior padding and shock absorption while maintaining lightweight. 

In addition, Hoka shoes are suitable for significant trail runners, casual and elite road runners, and enjoyable hikers alike, with models focusing on runners with specific requirements and demands. In fact, Hoka also offers wide-fit shoes that are available in women’s sizes D and men’s sizes 2E.

Hoka Wide Vs. Regular

To get a suggestion of what a women’s Hoka shoe should look like, check out the “Hoka Wide” collection, which features a conventional heel and a narrow to midsole region.

It is constructed out of leather so that it can withstand daily wear and tear. Hoka women’s shoes in the “Wide” category have a broader width from the toe to the top of the sneaker. In addition, the width and heel of the shoe will be determined by your personal preferences.

You can also try on the “Wide” collection of shoes in both pink and black to see how they appear. Just keep in mind what weight and shoe size you want before you purchase!

Hoka Women’s Shoe Pro

The Hoka Women’s Shoe Pro collection is one of their most prevalent.

Their sneakers are designed to fit the inner side of the female. You can also test out the “Wide” spectrum in pink or black to see whether it is suitable for you. 

Several people would prefer the “Wide” range’s white option, but the other colors might be just as aesthetically appealing as well.

Pick a good pair of women’s sneakers from the Hoka wide women’s shoe variety for the best sneaker, and you’ll soon get a terrific pair of shoes that you will not be able to put them down! So even when you don’t even have a lot of walking to do, your feet will appreciate it!

If you are unsure about a specific pair of women’s shoes you see online, you should try them on before you buy.

This will assist you in ensuring that you are buying a high-quality shoe that will last for many years to come!

The “Wide Shoes” collection of Hoka women’s shoes includes high-heeled shoes, sandals, dress shoes, ballet flats, and many more.

They can be bought either at local stores or online at Hoka’s official website.

Hoka Regular Women’s Shoe

The regular women’s shoe series from Hoka One One was created with comfort in mind. And for those who don’t know, the sneakers are made in Australia.

This line’s products are all created with a premium full-grain leather upper and a rubberized sole that will last for many years to come.

Hoka shoes come in a variety of styles, including flat shoes and sandals. The sandals are available as both sandals and flats. While the Hoka sandals are ideal for summer wear or as easygoing shoes, the flat shoes can be worn throughout the year. These shoes come in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, the styles differ based on the type of sneaker you select.

The Hoka line includes numerous styles that are intended for various sports and activities.

For example, the Hoka Women’s Casual Shoe Collection is ideal if you want a sneaker that is both stylish and functional.

The sneakers have a versatile rubber sole that allows you to walk freely and comfortably inside the shoe.

If you prefer high-end fashion while still choosing to wear comfy shoes, the Hoka Women’s Fashion Shoe Collection is just designed for you.

The shoe collection offers an open toe option, which is available in various colors such as red, brown, and black. This collection is typically made to look like a high-end sneaker and is ideal for relaxed or daily wear. In addition, these shoes come in both sandal and flat styles.

If you’re looking for a shoe that is typically made for women with a wide range of foot types, the Hoka Regular Women’s Shoe collection is just created for you.

The shoes have a smooth design with excellent arch support. Furthermore, the shoe collection offers a variety of styles, including flats and sandals for you to choose from.

This collection also includes a wide range of colors, such as tan, red, and black. Models from this collection will be perfect for both day and nighttime wear, as well as for ladies on the go.

What Size Hoka Should I Buy?

Hoka One One excels in running shoes and, as a result, has a more comprehensive approach to shoe sizing in general.

Because running shoes demand more toe room, you might have to go half a size to a full-size rise from your normal casual shoe size.

But it is conditional. If you have a good fit in a pair of New Balance, Asics, or Brooks running shoes, simply opt for the same size in Hoka running shoes. In this situation, Hoka shoes will generally fit true to size.

Pros and Cons of Hoka Shoes

Hoka One One is always improving in order to offer the best running experience possible. They are well-known for introducing new technology to assist runners, but they also utilize fan feedback to make adjustments as necessary. For instance, Hoka recently updated its sizing system in response to user complaints about improperly fitting shoes. It is unusual for a company of this size to take such an active role to play in ensuring customer satisfaction, but Hoka is one such company.

Pros of Hoka Shoes

  1. Durability

Hoka One One shoes are well-known for being some of the most sturdy trail running shoes available.

They feature such thick uppers and soles that they could be difficult to fit into a glitchy running shoe.

Don’t get me wrong because I’m not saying they’re horrible looking, but… They’re not really pretty, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover! Hoka has ensured that these Hoka ONE ONE advantages will last you hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometers.

If you want your hiking boots to last for ever and ever, these could be the ones for you!

  1. Excellent Cushioning

As previously stated, these shoes are made with a very thick sole that absorbs impact like no other. The speedboat shoe is by far the most padded shoe I have ever worn.

  1. Improved stability

The rock plate on Hoka One One shoes protects your feet from sharp and large rocks and adds balance when climbing steep inclines. These shoes are ideal for people who have overpronated feet, which frequently lead to loss of stability while walking or hiking.

  1. Great grip

These shoes have thick soles that deliver an excellent grip on the ground while hiking through stones, clay trails, or any other rough terrain.

  1. Not too expensive

When compared to other trail running shoes such as New Balance or Salomon, these shoes are not as expensive. They are just around $130, so you will not have to spend a fortune to get a pair!

Other Pros include:

  • High quality of product
  • Excellent design and ultimate comfort
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors
  • When it comes to activities, there is a wide range of options.
  • While walking or running, it helps relieve strain on the body.
  • Patented technologies are used in their products, resulting in improved results than the majority of other brands on the market.
  • Because the company is Swiss, it is even more reliable. There is no better choice for high-quality sports footwear than Hoka One One footwear.

Cons of Hoka Shoes

  1. Costs more than most other running shoes.

Hoka One One shoes are regarded as high-end footwear, and therefore, they are priced accordingly.

This also makes them more costly than the majority of other brands or designs of endurance shoes available on the market.

In addition, the high durability is attributable in part to the premium materials used in the manufacture of these athletic sneakers, as well as the distinctive sole unit designed by this brand, which offers increased shock absorption while retaining great ground contact with each step taken.

This means you will have to spend more money on Hoka shoes, but not as frequently. If you want to save cash, you can also look for discounted Hoka ONE ONE shoes.

  1. They don’t really look great and might not be appropriate for work or formal events.

They resemble oversized clown sneakers. They do, believe it or not!

The chunky look of the sole – which is relatively big – will make these walking shoes outstanding even when worn with casual pants or jeans, and folks will keep staring at your feet, curious to know what kind of shoes you are wearing.

For sure, their appearance is a matter of personal taste, but it really is hard to see how something this bizarre can match clothing outfits.

  1. They are not as adaptable.

Hoka One Ones are one-of-a-kind walking shoes that prioritize support over flexibility.

Assume you require shoes for weightlifting or Crossfit activities. In that situation, these sneakers will fall short of your assumptions due to their excessive sturdiness and lack of versatility underfoot.

The loss of ground feel is also depressing, as each step feels like you are running on rough surfaces rather than natural terrain.

They simply can not compete with minimalist sneakers in terms of flexibility since they have too much padding.

However, this should go without saying, given that Hoka is not a minimalist company and provides a totally different experience than other shoe types.

  1. They make you appear to be a clown.

There is really no getting around it: wearing these shoes makes you look like a clown, particularly in lighter colors such as yellow or orange, which emphasize the profile and size of the sole unit.

If you really care about looks, this list of drawbacks doesn’t stop there, as some color mixtures don’t work with these sneakers.

Although their classic look may attract certain people if you need to purchase Hoka shoes, take into account their collection of more modern styles available at specialized retailers with a comprehensive catalog of footwear for women and men.

  1. Durability and draining ability

I’m not denying that Hoka One Ones are extremely durable, but they do come with a major drawback: their drainage system is quite terrible, allowing rainwater to pile up inside the sole.

This list would be incomplete if I didn’t even mention this as a disadvantage because walking around for a long time with wet socks and sneakers is an uncomfortable experience – typically in autumn or winter – and you are likely to purchase other shoes that can keep your feet fresh and dry all day long in all types of weather situations.

Again, if you really like the EVA used by Hoka, these sneakers are a great purchase since they strike an appropriate balance between durability and comfort.