Dickies 874 sizing is a very popular question as the pants are not only beautiful but also practical for different purposes. So let’s find out the trousers’ size and fit.

Have you ever wondered how Dickies 874 pants should fit and what they are made of? In fact, Dickies 874 work pants are the most common Dickies pants available today and come in a wide range of colors, the most popular of which are khaki and black.

Dickies Work Pants are ideal in every manner. They are inexpensive and made to resist the toughest conditions. Dickies 874 trousers are also heavily starched and feature a lasting crease because the fabric used to produce them is a very harsh twill that makes them ideal for play or work.

Almost all of their workwear product lines are stain-resistant due to the use of a stain release agent. For example, you want to purchase a pair of Dickies pants but aren’t sure which style to get. Or you simply love the Dickies 874 but don’t know what Dickies 874 sizing is. My Dickies Fit Guideline below should assist you in determining the best fit for you.

Dickies 874 Work Pants: Original (Loose) Fit

The Dickies Work Pant 874 is the “traditional” Dickies Work Pants — in other words, the first style to hit the market – thus the name Original Fit.

For those who don’t know, “Original” means straight fit in most pant situations, but it is not quite precise here. Like most traditional-style workwear, the Dickies 874 seems to be mostly straight but has a clue of looseness (at least by today’s standards). But what is the reason? Since hard work is made infinitely easier when done in comfort.

Besides, this loose fit is considered what drew skaters to the Dickies 874 all those years ago – and why a lot of skaters still prefer the style today.

What’s more, it is a common pick for those who prefer their slacks to have a dressed-down Ivy League appearance. An oxford shirt paired with Dickies 874s and Wallabees is an unrivaled look.

Dickies 874 Sizing

Despite the fact that the fit is standard, normal, obtaining the sizing right in these Dickies trousers is vital. The length of these Dickies 874 pants is true to size, but they are slightly narrow in the waist (in my experience). I bought my usual size, and it fit, but it was really close.

If you’re naturally between sizes in the midsection, I’d recommend going up a size. However, keep in mind that the Dickies 874 pants also come in a flex version, which may provide you with a little more waist flexibility.

However, the Dickies 874 Original pants’ waistline is not stretchy, so do not presume it to extend. If you are in-between sizes, consider sizing up to ensure that you have enough room to accommodate these Dickies 874 pants.

Dickies 872 Work Pants: Slim Fit

The Dickies 872 pants, as you might expect, take the tightness of the Dickies 873 a step farther. As you know, the Dickies The 872 has a markedly tighter thigh and waist, as well as a suitably designed lower leg.

The Dickies 872 has been a very common fit throughout the last decade or so, and it is still very common today, despite the revival of relatively wider pants. The no-nonsense slim fit will never go out of style. If you consider your build to be “slight,” the Dickies 872 work pants will fit perfectly.

They will look great with some boots with a few turn-ups, but they’re debatably best with low-profile trainers like the Nike SB Bruin, Reebok Club C, Vans Slip-On, and so on – you get the idea!

Dickies 873 Work Pant: Slim Straight Fit

The Dickies 873 is perfect for those who prefer a classic straight appearance with a tailored touch. It looks and fits definitely the same as the Dickies 874 work pants around thighs and waist. However, it is from the knee down that the Dickies 873 stands out, with a mildly tapered leg that makes a skinnier overall appearance.

Because of this cleanliness, the Dickies 873 is appropriate for both semi-formal and casual settings. Any New Balance 99X shoes, as well as some Red Wings or Clarks Originals, will look great with them. You can even wear them with brogues if necessary, making them a very simple and effective pair of pants to have in your wardrobe!

Final Thoughts

After all, shopping for Dickies 874 work pants is a difficult task, even in the best of circumstances. Probably soon, this Dickies 874 fit guide will assist you by demonstrating how all Dickies pants fit. All Dickies products generally fit true to size but run a little bit snug, so if you know you are in between sizes, I’d recommend buying a size larger, so they always fit.